Q: What Is InstantProfitBiz ? 
 A: It is a unique Advertising Program where you can submit all your programs & businesses and they will be advertised automatically for you everyday and attract downlines for them from Thousands of Money Making Discussion Facebook Groups & Pages using its Automatic Downlines Recruiting Website.
  It is a program that will place people in Your Eight Levels & Share $3 of every $4.4 they pay With You.
Each Level is having different Number of Times you can receive payments on them.
What You Will Receive Are : 
Level One ---------- $7
Level Two ---------- $19.6
Level Three ---------$137.2
Level Four ---------$960.4
Level Five ---------$3,361.4
Level Six ---------$23,529.8
Level Seven ---------$164,708.6
Level Eight ---------$1,152,960.2.
There is a Team set up that will be placing people in your Levels. This Team will advertise for you everyday and attract people for you from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, IboToolBox, MLMGateway, Safelists, Traffic Exchanges & Offline Advertising.
Q: What Do I Need To Join InstantProfitBiz ?
A:  You Need : 
Atleast One InstantProfitBiz Ad Position which cost $4.4 or N1,100
Each Ad Position cost $4.4 or N1,100 ( One Time Payment ). There is no Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Subscription. You need to purchase at least One Ad Position to enjoy all the benefits from this program.
Each AD Position You Purchase Will :
 Earn You $1,345,684.2        
          Give You Full Access To Use : 
 InstantProfitBiz's Automatic Downlines Recruiting Website
Where You Will : 
Get All Your Programs Automatically Advertised Everyday
Get Downlines Attracted For Your Programs
From Money Making Discussion Facebook Groups & Pages
Q: How Do I Get Downlines For My Other Programs ?
A:  You have to first join InstantProfitBiz and own at least One Approved Ad Position.
Once this is done, you can register for InstantProfitBiz's Automatic Downlines Recruiting Website here :
Registration is free for everyone but approval is needed to get full access.
As an Approved member of InstantProfitBiz, you will have Full Access for free.
Outsider will have to pay for Full Access.
After your registration, wait for us or ask us to get you approved.
Ask For Approval Here :
You have to state your InstantProfitBiz's Username. It will be verified and once you are confirmed to be an Approved member, you will then be approved for UnlimitedDownlines's full access.
Once you are approved
  You have to connect your Facebook Account to Our Website that will be advertising for you automatically everyday. You can do it yourself or ask us to do it for you.
Go To This Link To Do It Yourself :
Once Your Facebook Account Is Connected 
  Go to this link to submit Your Program's Advert Message that will be used to attract downlines for your Program :
The moment Your program's Advert message is submitted, we will set it up for you and it will start running for you.
If you are qualified for Flyers, they will be designed for your programs and added to the advert message.
To Connect Your :
Twitter Account
Linkedin Account
Go to this site : 
Register for it for free and connect Your Twitter, Linkedin Account. You can also ask us to do it for you.
The moment it is connected,
                 You can ask us to help you set up your Advert for you, on it.
To Use Whatzapp  & Telegram To Get Downlines For Your Programs :
Chat With Us Through : 2349052803501
Q: How Do I Get People Placed In My Levels ? 
 A: You must own atleast One Ad Position. Once you are approved, the Team set up will start working on getting people placed in Your Levels. 
Q: Is There Referring Bonus ? 
A: Yes, there is Referring Bonus. 
       You will receive $1 Instantly for anyone that registered or joined through your Sponsoring or Affiliate or Inviting Link.
This money will be paid to you the very moment the member purchase Ad Position.You will be receiving the $1 on every Ad Position purchased by Your Personal Downlines / Referrals.
    If the Person you Sponsored / Referred purchase Multiple Ad Poitions, you will also receive Multiple $1 Commission.
You will be receiving this commssion on every person InstantProfitBiz automatically attracts to join you.
Q: How Does InstantProfitBiz Works ?
A: On InstantProfitBiz, $4.4 ( Four Dollars Forty Cents ), One Time Payment is all you need to be qualified to be receiving a share of every $4.4 paid by those placed in Your Levels. 
        There are Eight Levels on InstantProfitBiz from where you will be receiving a share of every $4.4 Paid by people placed in your Levels. 
 Anyone Our Team placed in your : 
          Level One Will Get You Paid - $1
          Level Two Will get You Paid  - $0.40
          Level Three Will Get You Paid - $0.40
          Level Four Will Get You Paid - $0.40
          Level Five Will get You Paid  - $0.20
          Level Six Will Get You Paid - $0.20
          Level Seven Will Get You Paid - $0.20
          Level Eight Will get You Paid  - $0.20
 Total Payments You Will Receive On Each Level Are : 
Level One ---------- $7
Level Two ---------- $19.6
Level Three --------- $137.2
Level Four --------- $960.4
Level Five --------- $3,361.4
Level Six --------- $23,529.8
Level Seven --------- $164,708.6
Level Eight --------- $1,152,960.2.
You will be using $4.4 to get paid $1,345,684.2
Q: Can I Have Multiple Accounts or AD Positions ? 
 A: You can have Multiple Accounts and this will give you Multiple Earnings & Payments. You can have as many as you wish. You can choose to Purchase Multiple Ad Position using One Account or create Multiple Accounts and use the first account's inviting link to register the extra accounts so that you can receive Sponsoring Commission for the Extra Accounts you create. 
   If you are going to create multiple accounts, you will need different Username & Email. All other details can be the same.
   Multiple AD Positions gives you Multiple Earnings. Each AD Positions cost $4.4 ( N1,100 ). So for every $4.4 ( N1,100 ) you pay, you will be given One AD Position.
    If you want to go for Multiple AD Positions, you can pay for them at once.
Q: When & How Will I Get Paid ? 
A: On InstantProfitBiz, you will be able to withdraw your earnings if it is up to $4 ( N1,000 ) and you will be paid within One Hour.
 You will be paid using the same Method of Payment you used to pay for Your Ad Position.
Q: What Are The Methods Of Payment ? 
 A: You can pay and also withdraw Your Earnings using : 
          Payza, SolidTrustPay, Okpay, Bitcoin, Payeer, PerfectMoney, GTBank, Zenith Bank and Your Local Bank Accounts.
  You can pay using Mobile Transfer, ATM Transfer, Online Transfer.
       You need to send message to us immediately using any of Our Contacts and let us know :
The Amount You Paid
Account You Paid To
Your Username
Number Of Ad Position Paid For.
     Once we see Your Message and verify your payment, we will get Your Purchased Ad Position approved.
Q: I Don't Have An Online Account ( Payza / Solidtrustpay / Perfectmoney / Okpay / Bitcoin ), Can I Still Join InstantProfitBiz ?
A: Yes. You can pay for Your Ad Position using Local Bank Payments and also use same method to collect / receive Your Earnings.
Q: How Long Does It Take For My Payment For Purchased Ad Position To Be Approved ?
A: All Payments are manually approved within Ten Minutes!
Q: What Are Other Membership Benefits ? 
 A: As a member of InstantProfitBiz, you have access to advertise your Other Programs on the program and Facebook using Our Automatic Downlines Recruiting Website for free.
   On InstantProfitBiz, you will be helped get / attract downlines for all your other Programs / Business for free. There is a form where you will submit your adverts and they will be automatically posted to Facebook everyday without Limit.
 Whatever Program / Business you have and wants to advertise so far it is not illegal, InstantProfitBiz will help you advertise it and attract Downlines / Customers for You For Free.
Q: Why Has My Account Been Deleted ?
A: IF we receive SPAM complaints against you, your account will be deleted without warning and all earnings will go towards advertising InstantProfitBiz! We will also delete all accounts without warning that are found guilty of abusive behaviour towards the InstantProfitBiz admins and/or other members.
Q: Is My Personal Information Protected Here ?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone.
Q: My Question Is Not Answered Here
A: Send us a short message via the Contact Us page and One of our friendly support staff will reply as soon as possible.

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